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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Post Wedding Digs

I'm racking my brains right now, trying to think of things I still need to do before Sunday, and I'm coming up short. Could it be that we have almost everything done? That has to be a jinx, so I'll say no more.

Instead, I thought you might like a look at the place we are going to after the wedding down in New Harbor on the Pemaquid Peninsula:

Sea Change: "This spectacular, architecturally unique home is cantilevered over granite rock ledges, pointing out over open ocean to Monhegan Island and beyond. Located on a secluded coastal road, yet within easy reach of stores and attractions, Seachange occupies a private, wooded site along a shore which boasts immense tidal pools, flat ledges for sunning and picnicking (perfect for lobster cookouts!), and a freshwater stream. A grassy lawn overlooks the ocean bluffs and is a perfect place for kids to pitch a tent where they will be lulled to sleep by the sounds of the sea. Custom-designed, Seachange is open, light and airy with intriguing peaks and angles and two-story windows front and back. A magnificent rock fireplace opens to both the living and dining/kitchen areas."

Monday, May 22, 2006

Come on, Weather

2006 has seen the wettest May on record for Maine. This is mostly due to the huge downpours experienced by Southern Maine; Downeast (including Mount Desert Island where we are getting married) has seen a fair bit but nothing like the drenching our "North Massachussets" compatriots got.

Right now it is sunny and a little chilly. By the weekend the National Weather Service is predicting a 30% chance of rain on Friday and Saturday, partial cloud and 20% chance of rain for Ceremony Sunday®, and warmish temps (61 deg f, which in English is 16 deg c). The chance of rain throughout the week has dropped to between 20-30% and anything we get is being posted a showers as opposed to sustained downpours, so what moisture is left in Val and Les's garden should be minimal by the time the big tent goes up. I still wouldn't wear your most delicate shoes though, and it might be wise to bring your raincoat and leave it in the car.

For a full breakdown, here is the NWS forecast for Bar Harbor.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wedding Week Batting Order: Bride

Sunday: Lounge around wondering if there is something I should be doing. Work pm.
Monday: Work. Meet family for dinner at Cappy's. Work.
Tuesday: Work. Panic. Work. Pack.
Wednesday: Load car and drive to MDI. Pickup Dan's family in Trenton.
Thursday: Hike. Lobster bake with Dan's family and Mom and Les. Pickup Dan's cousin in Bangor 10pm.
Friday: 2:30 mani/pedicure with Moonie (matron of honor). Pizza party at Rodick Street for everyone. Out on the town.
Saturday: Pickup flowers before noon. Massage. Help set up tables and decorations. Rehersal 5pm followed by rehersal dinner at JPH.
Sunday: Breakfast. Hair and face 9:30 start. 12pm dressing. Oh my god... 1pm... here we go!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

She's Not Coming

She's almost a neighbour; her summer home "Skylands" is a couple of villages over from Bar Harbor in Seal Harbor. With that in mind, we thought it only polite to invite her. Jessie also thought she might like to pitch in with the centerpieces. Alas, it seems she has other engagements that day:

At least her people sent a postcard. Trump's people wouldn't have sent a postcard. Additionally, Jessie would like to point out that they sent the stamps we sent with the invitation. If you are a shareholder in Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia this indicates a high level of fiduciary responsibility.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Licensed to Wed

Artist's Impression of a Maine Marriage License. They like to make things look old in New England

We now have official permission (for $30) from the town of Rockland, Maine to get married in Bar Harbor, Maine under the auspices of the the Great State 'o Maine. Note to self: do not lose marriage license.

In other news, we ordered my wedding ring this weekend (not from the jewellers we first visited up the road in chi-chi Camden: I'm think we should donate at least part of the savings on their quoted price to the "No Dirty Gold" campaign); began the drawn-out process of assembling music for the reception; Jess picked up soft drinks for the bash; I confirmed arrival times with all of the British Overseas Contingent; Jess got some hair thingies; and we finished the pirate treasure hunt map.

I also gave my shoes their first of many polishes they will need until they reach the desired glossy shine. I must be careful not to make them too shiny however as otherwise my tender embarrassment up under the kilt will be plain for all to see in my toecaps.

Still to do:
Pay for and pick up beer and wine at Manos Market (Rt 1, Hancock, ME: stop in, its fantastic);
Assemble mix CDs of both mellow dining music and groovy cut-a-rug music;
Get a haircut;
Think about what we need to pack for the post wedding disappearance;
Arrange a video camera (tripod mounted or human operated?) so my grandparents and others stranded in the UK can see the ceremony at a later date;
And no doubt much more.

This has all been suspiciously easy, touch/knock on wood.

13 days to go.

A Little Cute To Get Us Through

Two weeks! Two weeks? In two weeks I will have been married for one day.

We picked up our marriage license this morning at Rockland City Hall (two trailers stuck together - not quite the imposing big brick building you'd imagine it to be.) So that's another thing I get to check off the list.

I've posted some cute pictures to get us through the next two weeks. Anytime you're feeling overwhelmed you can come here, to this little sanctuary of cute, and re-group. I'll probably be here for the next two weeks straight!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

2 Doors Down

My very closest girlfriends, some of them I've know since the 1st grade, got together last Saturday night to send me off into a life of marriage with style.
I love Dolly Parton and a group of us were fortunate enough to see her perform last summer in Portland. It was so incredible and I laughed through the entire thing because I couldn't believe that I was actually seeing Dolly Parton. It was one of the highlights of my life for sure - top 20 at least. That being said it wasn't a huge surprise when I arrived for the party and found it was a Dollywood/tacky country western theme. I was immediately ushered upstairs and presented a very "lovely" Dolly-esque outfit to wear, wig included. (Since I was taking pictures I don't have any of myself in the get-up so you'll just have to imagine how beautiful I looked.)

The hostesses did an amazing job arranging every last detail. From the boot shaped mugs to the carefully cut out "machos" for the traditional game of "Pin the Macho on the Man" they thought of it all. ("Macho" is a great euphemism - especially for this family style blog.)

We met up with the men once we waded through the rum punch, the food, all the macho shaped hilarity and made it to the bar.

If you were there and don't see yourself in these pictures please note that most of my photos from the evening were a little inappropriate. No strippers or anything like that (gross!) but you get the point!

I wonder if we were the only people in all Bar Harbor that actually danced at karoke? Regardless we did manage to sing every Dolly Parton song in the book. Except for the best one "9 to 5" which the guy claimed he didn't have. Weak!

Dan and I made it home by 3 a.m. I can't remember the last time I was up that late and having fun. It was a great night. Most of my girlfriends have kids now and nights like this just don't happen anymore and in almost every way that is a very good thing! But it was wonderful to all be together, celebrating together... drinking and laughing and having a party!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Useful Information

So, 19 days to go... For those of you coming into Maine for the wedding from out of state the following information might prove useful:

Maine Driving Laws, Roads, Highways

Road and Travel Conditions Website and Hotline

Travel Directions to Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island

Weather Updates for Bar Harbor

Maine Office of Tourism

Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce

Acadia National Park

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Venue Progresses

Val and Les have been doing amazing work getting everything ready for the wedding:

Everyone will come through here....

We we will be standing here (sheathing is scheduled to go on soon)

The view to your right (including the Pirate Woods, full of top secret cool things for the 40 (aggh! 40!) kids under 10 attending.

And the view to your left, out over the creek to Frenchman's Bay.

Jessie's dad Mike is coming up Monday to go over the running order with us, as he'll be conducting the ceremony. Now is my chance to advocate for a vaudville/variety style fast talkin' patter approach to the service. I say, I say, I say, take my wife. No, go on, take her. That sort of thing.