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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Out of Hibernation

Things have been quiet over here at the NWB for a couple of months- a combination of busy lives and Dinah the dog and me teaming up to break the camera meant that we didn't have much time or material to post. Recent exciting news means however that Jessie and I have decided to dust off this moribund blog and use it to follow the countdown to:

Red-Haired Baby 2007

Yep, after six years together and almost six months of marriage we are expecting enfant number ein in early June of 2007. Fingers crossed, everything has been going swimmingly so far (even with Jessie manifesting every symptom of early pregnancy, poor poppet). As with the wedding and the first few months of marriage we will endeavour to post occasional updates of our progress here (with belly pictures, once I buy a new camera) up and beyond birth.

So far we have heard a heartbeat but have yet to see any images, that comes in January. Both mother and embryo are healthy, and fingers crossed things will continue to go as nature intends.

Watch this space and play along at home....

Apparently the Newt is the size of a lemon