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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Onwards with summer...

August has been a busy month: lots of visitors, visiting, and fun activities. No better way to cram a whole summer into three weeks!

Drumming in the fun

Princess Disco the First.

This is actually her enjoying blueberries face (as evidenced by the empty plate). I'd not want to see her I don't like blueberries face.

Scout and Lily A storm the beach at Popham

Ladies of the lake

A plan being hatched (of more, later)

Disturbingly little fear of water

No captions needed

The plan comes to fruition

Lelly and Scout

The Tingler and the Scout fill a watering can with rocks (it's like some scam from Huck Finn)

Bears make handy seats

Grampy Mike and the Speed Racer

Blueberry ice cream: as good coming up as going down.

Now that was a tiring month!

Friday, August 07, 2009

And What Does Early August Hold?

Ahh, a parade...

Flippin' heck! He's a big fellah!

Mama's family (the family, not the horrible TV show).

In all things, keep classy.

I've cornered the market in tubs.

With Grandpa Mike: love of pizza is genetic.