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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


This is the ring that I like. I know it's a bit unconventional but I like the tree and the symbolism.

We went ring shopping on Saturday in Camden. We returned to the shop where Dan purchased my engagement ring. I had cleverly bid on and won a discount "coupon" for the store at the last Youthlinks auction in anticipation of our future needs. This is Camden, people! We can't afford Camden even with a coupon.
The whole scene was weird and uncomfortable. I think we both felt like complete rubes. We didn't even know what we we're looking for. You know... a ring or something.
Dan would pick something up and look at me, like I knew anything, "What about this one?"
When the jeweler finally brought out the tray with the "cheap"* rings (he held off as long as he could) we we're all over them like it was Filene's Basement.
I'm not trying to be cheesy by discussing the financial aspects of purchasing the things that will forever symbolize our love, respect, and commitment to one another. I'm just trying to realistic- $700 is too much money to spend on the thing Dan will probably lose. Ok... I'll probably lose.
The ring is only the reminder of your commitment and frankly I don't need to be reminded how much I love and adore my future husband. He's pretty great with or without some snobby platinum comfort fit size 12 wedding band.

*"Cheap" is relative. Camden "Cheap" = 1 month rent/3 + the electric bill for March.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Still To Do....

Buy rings (pictured above).
Wedding night digs.
Write or choose vows.
Make groovy CDs.
Rent a PA system.
Talk to Adam about booze.
Talk to Adam about cheese.
Just hang out with Adam, as I haven't seen his cool new store yet.
Buy film for the analog photographers.
Follow up on tardy RSVPers who we know are coming (we need to plan food, people).
Buy dress shirt and shoes.
A bunch of other stuff, no doubt.

Update on the post wedding vice-presidential secret location: apparently we are booked in but contracts and requests for deposits are being sent out for all the properties this agent manages alphabetically (our place begins with S or something). Score! The longer it takes, the later we have to cough up the cash!

Monday, March 20, 2006

"We all scream for... catering decisions?"

We had a very productive St. Patty's Day. My friend Ken, his other half, Kate, and their one year old lab Celia came for the night. Ken is catering the reception and we set aside the night to discuss the details. Anyone who remembers the joys of "the crab roll" will understand there was great potential for a lengthy conversation.

I believe we talked for 3 minutes.
Ken proposed a menu.
It looked great.
The end.

The best quote from the evening: Dan- "I've recently rediscovered the joys of the frittata.

Personally I'm looking forward to the ice cream sandwiches but you probably already knew that.

Keep sending your postcards.

Only sixty-some days left.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another Registry?

Jessie has sensibly set up a second registry- not because we are greedy guts but because not everything we like can be found on Amazon. For those of you who are interested, we are registered at:

Crate and Barrel


Paper or plastic?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Minor Update

For those of you playing along at home:

The kilt and all its gubbins have arrived (pictured below).

Ken and Kate are coming down to hang out and talk food on Friday.

Jessie may have found shoes.

I'm begining to fret about the lacksidasical approach of the owners of the post wedding digs. Send us a rental contract, already.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Shower Time

According to popular belief, the tradition of the bridal shower originated in Holland. Legend tells us that a young Dutch girl fell in love with a poor miller, who had spent his life helping those needier than himself. As a result, he had little to offer his prospective bride when they were ready to be married. When the young lady told her father that she intended to marry the miller, he was furious and forbade the marriage. In an effort to dissuade her, the girl's father refused to give her the customary bridal dowry. He hoped this would prompt her to change her mind and wait for a suitor with more money and higher status. Despite her father's ill will, the young lady decided to risk the threat of poverty and married her true love. Without a dowry, the couple had very little to their names and was nearly penniless. Upon learning of their predicament, the community came to the couple's aid to show appreciation for the miller's kindness to others over the years. With the help of many kind townspeople, the groom's friends joined together and "showered" the new bride with necessities for the couple's home. Thanks to their thoughtfulness, the bride acquired what her father had denied her - everything she needed to set up a new home. A beautiful tradition grew from the townspeople's generosity and continued for decades.
Over time, the old-fashioned dowry a young woman typically received from her family to set up her home grew into a bridal shower given by her "family of friends." Gift giving, as we know it today, was not common until the late 19th century. In fact, early bridal showers were focused on strengthening the bride's friendship with her peers, offering moral support, and helping her plan for her marriage. These traditions are often forgotten at modern bridal showers, where gift giving tends to take center stage. Today, it isn't uncommon for a bride to have more than one shower before her wedding. Bridal showers can be thrown by friends, members of either family, co-workers, bridesmaids, business associates, or church groups

Not a lover of surprises, I know that there is a shower plan in the works for April 1st. My mom says, "April Fool's Day... it's so appropriate don't you think?" I don't know what she means by that but I'm going with it. It's not polite to look a gift horse in the mouth.
At first I wasn't really comfortable with the idea of a bridal shower. I like gifts, don't get me wrong, but I'm just getting married. I don't want people to go out of their way and spend money on dish towels because they feel obligated due to modern customs. Yesterday I read the above description of the tradition of showers and I like the bit about strengthening friendships and moral support. I want that to be the focus for April 1st - a time to get together, enjoy each others company, and strengthen the bond of our little community of women over finger sandwiches and iced tea.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sweet, Sweet Postcards

We look forward to the work of these two every day

Jessie's idea to ask for RSVPs on interesting postcards that reflect the invitees locale or personality is really paying off. All the replies we have had so far have been so cool. At the wedding itself we are going to display all the cards on a big board, and provide a list of names so folks can play match the card to the guest once they get bored of eating the crab rolls.

Even if you can't make it we still would like a postcard. In fact, blanket rule: postcard from everyone, please. Yes, I know some of you have told us you are coming but that does not buy you a postcard exemption. For those of you who have already sent cards, well done- you will get an extra canape.

Signed, Groomzilla.