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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cute is As Cute Does...

About a month to go before Scout-Day, and the dogs have decided to bond with the belly:

They might as well get used to the feel of Scout; she's going to be using them as bean bag chairs for most of their lives. Now if only they could get into the right bed at night, they'd be all set:

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

3,2,1...You're Back In The Room

Jessie and I are attending a hypnobirthing class as a way of exploring natural pain management for the arrival of Scout. I was a little dubious then the teacher explained it was essentially the same technique marathon runners use to push themselves 24 miles. Birth as sport- I wonder if it is on ESPN 2?

We both like the approach and we are trying really hard to master the techniques. Unfortunately, as anyone who knows either of us can tell you, we have a hard time taking anything seriously. Get us together and its all over bar the giggling.

Keep your fingers crossed that we muster up sufficient seriousness to be able to try to put each other in a state of deep relaxation using just our voices as we practice...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

It's Easter and we're all about eggs around here.

Eggs #1:
My well developed egg and I, accompanied by Dad Dan and my mom and Les, who made the annual Easter luncheon trek down the coast a bit, went out for brunch and enjoyed some delicious eggs done many ways at Cafe Miranda. My were poached (good protein), paired with spinach and kale (good iron) and topped with hollandaise (just plain good!)
Eggs #2:
My mom hand delivered an Easter basket (I mean the Easter Bunny for any kiddies who may be reading and still enthralled with all the weird non-religious magic of the holiday) chock filled with eggs of a chocolate persuasion.
Eggs #3:
Yesterday Med School Mama called in hopes her little sprout would be able to talk to Dan and say "Egg, egg, egg..." in quick succession which for some strange reason, seemingly appropriate to my mate and his "interesting" ways, is a torture akin to fingernails on a chalk board. Unfortunately, or fortunately, he was spending a Saturday morning at work.
I'm not sure how the egg theme works in to Easter. I imagine it was absorbed in from a Pagan celebration of some sort - probably something to do with fertility.
After all the excitement we took the egg-heads (*Dog dweebs) to the ball field for a much needed run around. Enjoy these snowy Easter Sunday pics.
*Please note Mira and Dinah in their Easter beasts.

It feels appropriate to be a big round pregnant lady today! Full with a person who was once an egg.