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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Scout is a very lucky girl, thanks to our old pal Andrea at Birdlette.

Thanks Andrea!

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Profile

Name: Scout
Age: 8.5 months
Sign: Gemini
Place: Space Maine
Size: Small
Occupation: Chief taste tester, noise maker, soiler of many things.
Activities include:

A typical scene in my house; my dad reading while I do some good old fashioned dog bothering.
Winter walking with my mom preparation.
Facial study.
A little light reading.
A little light eating.
Catching up with old (young) friends.
Riding in bag with Dad.
Bag lounging.
Toy examining.
Cute posing.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thom Yorke, Good for Babies

Earlier today Scout rashly decided that she was more interested in making the different lights on the stereo flash rather than let daddy listen to In Rainbows by Radiohead. Daddy is still on his listening-to a-new-to-him-Radiohead-album- forty-two- times -before-he- decides- he-loves-it arc and so crawling was cut short in order to stop Scout from randomly turning off the CD player. On the plus side, we replaced crawling with dancing, which resulted in giggling, grinning, and arm flailing which daddy took as an infant thumbs up for the bleeps, bloops, white noise, thumping bass and adenoidal whining coming from the speakers.

Scout says: "Radiohead's In Rainbows? I give it five teeth and a toot!"

Come here you stripey bugger. You have fooled me for the last time. Dr. Cupcake Head bends to no one. No one!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Four Season Rated Baby

After a mild start to 2008 snow returned to the midcoast this weekend. Jessie had ventured out with the dogs during the snowfall on Friday night and had declared the resulting accumulation so beautiful that we really had no choice but to head out and make the most of the scenery before the snow banks turned brown from road sand and exhaust fumes. Behold, Knox County's fine white coat:

What we saw in the garden when we woke up...

"Come on dad! Stop taking photos and let's get going!"

Off downtown for a little brunch...

"Like why are we sitting here eating croissants when there's some serious baby carrying to be done?"

Mira is so excited she appears to have turned into a fox

Intrepid explorers

Which way, girls?

A fine family

On the return trip both Jessie and I conspired to step off the snow-obscured boardwalk and plunge a foot through the ice crust on the Oyster River Bog. The muddy suction was quite enough to pull a boot off (her left, my right) and fill said boot with stinking ice cold bog water while we hopped around in snow soaked socks trying to rescue our footwear without falling over or tipping Scout into the snow. At least it keeps one grounded...