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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Days That Followed

Recovering from the news that Christmas is over and she'll have to
wait a whole year before donning her Rubbish Elf costume and eating wrapping paper again.

Grover prepares to take the dogs for a walk.

Scout sits at the table, in her fancy new high chair,
where she can fling rice cereal like a proper lady

Christmas Morning Number One

Ah yes. Clicky clacky alligator. Otherwise known as the only thing that would soothe a SCREAMING baby at 11pm Christmas night. I guess she figured Santa had already come and gone so it'd be a good night to start being difficult. With the rest of the house sound asleep after a full day of food, presents, and lounging I was hunched over trying to scoot Scout along behind her new toy. Click. Clack. Click. Clack.
*Click (or clack) on picture to see The Tooth.

Look past the sad looking dog (coal in her stocking this year) to see Rubbish Elf at work trying to eat all the wrapping paper.

A little too devious looking for Christmas morning.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a Difference a Month Makes

Christmas Eve - Sand Beach

Thanksgiving - Siesta Beach

Sand Beach

Lido Beach

Sand Beach

Siesta Beach

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Santa's Helper?

Our tree is up and there are presents under. Presents that specifically say, "No feelies." Miss Roll-around seems to think this rule doesn't apply to her (I wonder where she got that from... not me!) This is why she has received the following title:

"Come on and show them."

Ah yes, our own little Rubbish Elf. She may look helpful from afar but don't be fooled, she's rubbish at it.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm Having To Get Over It

So, I have put off introducing solid foods as long as I can. It's time, I know. I just have to get over the mess factor. It drives me to distraction to see giant gobs of food on my child's face and oozing out her fingers. I suppose this is all part of being a mom... mess. You asked for some pictures so here they are.

Mmmm.. rice cereal.

Thank goodness for the clean up crew!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh How Far We've Come

I began this series of pictures to document how much and how quickly Scout has grown, watching as she's filled out the two versions of her fancy beachcomber duds. In the last two months she has morphed from a sort of blob (albeit a cute blob) that lays around to a whirling dervish; constant motion and putting everything straight into her mouth (although I don't believe dervishes put everything in their mouths but you get my drift.) So Maybe our series ends here, I'm not sure. At least it illustrates my point.

First picture: Scout, 2 days old

Second picture: Scout, 2 months old

Third picture: Scout, 3 months old

Fourth pict....
Fourth picture: ......Fourth picture: Scou...

Fourth picture: Scout, 6 months old

Sunday, December 09, 2007

What We've Missed

Scout was six months old on the 1st (we missed mentioning it as we were partying with a bunch of mom's to be) which seems a milestone. The quickest six months of our lives. The only six months of hers. She was once just a tiny, pink, chicken legged newborn. Today she is strong, robust, full of equal parts; laughter, tears, sleep, poop, curiosity, capability, smiles, frowns, and potential. The love of our lives is six months old.

Scout's first tooth emerged on her half year birthday. One tooth = Six months old. That'll be easy to remember. We would post a picture of it but neither of us has had a good look at it let alone been allowed to take a picture. So just image a tiny white speck emerging out from her little bottom gumline. Here is to a life of good dental hygiene.

"Tooth" and her headless dad take in some sand on Lido Beach.
November 2007 - verge tooth - pre six months

Monday, December 03, 2007

We Were Never Cold, Not Once

Here are just a few shots of our recent getaway to the Gulf Coast. It was lovely. Scout had a wonderful time as did we all. Thanks to everyone that helped make our vacation possible - including our dear dog sitter Michael.

Scout keeps an eye out for alligators in Mayakka Lake.

Three generations loving the sun, surf, and sand.

This is a crazy miniature circus exhibit at the Ringling Museum. The photo is taken from the second story looking down. Check out the people looking through the glass in the upper right-hand corner for scale. It took one guy fifty years to make this thing. Inside the big top there were 7000 scale model folding chairs - and each one of them really folded! Nuts!

Scout looks through the legs of an elephant. Or was it a Banyan tree. I can never remember.

How's this for Thanksgiving Day?

Sunset on Siesta Beach.

Scout dances at the drum circle.

Hanging out on Dad at Ringling.

Addressing the masses.