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Friday, March 23, 2007

Double Scold

A few weeks ago Dan was giving me a hard time because I had stopped taking my prenatal vitamins. Well... I stopped months ago to be honest. They're gross, and big, and make me gag. (They should really make gummy bear vitamins for pregnant ladies. Someone is missing out on a great financial opportunity there!) Plus they (the suggested daily dosage) expect me to take four of them a day. On top of that, I was afraid that I was over doing it with the vitamins through food and drink and there must be such a thing as too much. So I told Dan to never mind - maybe something a little less polite but you get the picture.
The results came in from my 7 month blood tests to show that my iron levels have dropped 4 points. Oops. The midwife asked if I had been taking my vitamins. I could hear mini-Dan (or Tiny Elvis Parsley) sitting on my shoulder saying, "Told you so! Thankyouverymuch." Ugh. With the exception of having a hard time finding things on a menu - this is the first disadvantage I've found to being a vegetarian. So I've started a high-er iron diet. Which includes green things, and dried things, and things that come in a shell (no turtles unless teen aged and mutant). Do raisins in cookies count?
I've found that foods high in iron tend to be high in fiber... gotta go!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The belly out and about

With Grandfather-to-be...

With Father-to-be in green

With the dogs

And au naturel

Monday, March 05, 2007


The J-Man and I as we prepare to rock a Sunday morning stack of blueberry pancakes- or an order of blues if you know your Jordan's lingo. If you think I ate more, you're right!!